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    Saudi Man May Face Paralysis as Punishment

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    A Saudi man may face paralysis as punishment.

    A 24-year-old Saudi man could be sentenced to paralysis as a form of punishment for his role in paralyzing another male.

    The unnamed man can be paralyzed from the waist down if he fails to pay his victim over $375,000 for compensation. Human rights organization, Amnesty International is fighting the potential sentencing, which they call is a form of torture.

    A deputy director for the group states “It is time the authorities in Saudi Arabia start respecting their international legal obligations and remove these terrible punishments from the law.”

    The man in question has been in prison for 10 years after attacking his friend, stabbing him in the back, causing paralysis.

    According to current law in Saudi Arabia, the victim can demand that the suspect receive the same punishment as suffering for what he caused.

    In 2010, an Iranian man was sentenced, requiring him to have acid poured . into his eyes. The court decision followed an incident in which the male had spilled acid on another man’s face, blinding him.