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    Woman Assaults Man with Super Glue and Prosthetic Leg

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    A woman assaults a man with super glue and a prosthetic leg.

    A 64-year-old male presented himself to medical personnel in Australia with his eyes glued shut.

    One of his ears was filled with sticky paste. He also had additional bodily injuries.

    Given the circumstances, hospital staff was quite sure the man didn’t inflict the pain on himself. Police were alerted and an investigation was launched.

    It was determined that the man’s 48-year-old female housemate was involved in the attack. The woman reportedly assaulted the male with super glue, beat him with a prosthetic leg and set his coat on fire in the pair’s home.

    She has been charged with three offenses including intentionally causing serious injury. The victim is said to be in stable condition.

    Last year, a man with a prosthetic leg, Brandon Fleming was assaulted. During a bitter custody battle with his son’s mother, Fleming’s ex arrived at his house and attempted to take their child.

    A struggle ensued with the woman and she took Fleming's prosthetic leg off and began beating him with it. He survived the ordeal and his angry ex was arrested.