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    Loaded World War II Bomb Disabled in Berlin

    Geo Beats

    by Geo Beats

    A World War II bomb is disabled in Berlin.

    Thousands of dangerous, unexploded World War II bombs are still said to be spread across many urban areas.

    Recently, one such bomb was discovered in Berlin, Germany.

    Bomb disposal authorities were quick to deactivate it.

    The 220 pound contraption was found near train tracks and housing units in a lightly populated area between the former East and West Berlin. Apparently, it was a Russian aerial bomb which was dropped during the war.

    Immediately, a plan to defuse it was initiated. Nearby roads were closed overnight.

    Homes in the area were evacuated. Approximately 840 people were removed from residences near the bomb’s location. A Berlin police spokesperson states “Here in Berlin it is a fact of daily life to defuse bombs, but without question they are risking a lot."

    In another recent incident, workers at a recycling facility in Stockholm, Sweden contacted police after an elderly woman handed over an item resembling a weapon. Bomb technicians were dispatched to the site and concluded that the over-6-inch-long piece was a grenade.