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    HOW TO: Program a LEGO NXT, pt 2- Programming over Bluetooth


    by RobotAppStore

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    VIDEO TEXT:Pod Cast #2
    Welcome to Robot App Store's LEGO NXT Tutorial series. In this video we will discuss how to program Lego over Bluetooth.
    LEGO NXT has 2 ways it receives commands: through Bluetooth or through USB communication.
    This type of communication is called NXT direct commands or Lego NXT communication protocol or "LCP." NXT communication protocol bypasses the Mindstorm's or any other third-party software.
    This protocol is used for controlling NXT from a remote device like a smartphone, PC, or other robots.

    Sending commands to Lego NXT through Bluetooth is rather simple-
    the idea is to transfer a bulk of bytes to the robot for immediately execution.

    These commands are divided into two groups:
    • System commands, commands that control the administration of the brick or the protocol.
    An example of this would be accessing the file system on the brick.
    • The second group is Direct commands these commands control robot's motion and sensor's reading
    Some commands are a request for feedback from the robot like getting a sensor's data,
    while other commands are just a set of orders.
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    Looking forward to seeing what you come up with!