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    The Quandary Of Public Speaking.

    Ron Gorton

    by Ron Gorton

    Public speaking is not an experience that every one enjoys, however in our life
    there are many such occasions when we are forced to go up to the stage and speak to
    hundreds or even thousands of people. When a person is speaking in public he should
    carry himself with a lot of confidence in order to be able to speak in front of the
    masses. The only problem that a person has at the time of speaking in public is that
    he fears that his speech or conversation might not be acceptable by the masses,
    creating fear it starts making you nervous on the stage. Public speaking anxiety can
    be common for a person facing a huge crowd. You could go through similar anxiety if
    it was the first time on stage, or if a person is nervous and doesnt have the
    confidence to speak to a large crowd. The reason for such unrealistic assumptions
    can be for any reason, may be he/she thinks public may laugh at his speech or may
    not agree. , thus a fear of public speaking is aroused in a persons mind. To over