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Perverse & Olie Bassweight - Shaded

il y a 5 ans72 views

RELEASE DATE: 01/10/11
LABEL: Bassweight Recordings
TERRITORY: Worldwide
GENRE: Electronica

1. Shaded (With Olie Bassweight)
2. Shaitan
3. Mizrahi
4. Helios
5. Glacier


For a scene that was once brewing quietly in the deepest darkest depths of South London, it’s remarkable to see Dubsteps original spacious and organic sound influence heads as far afield as New Zealand. With pioneers Truth leading the way, a thriving hub of 140 producers has been unearthed and among the brightest prospects are Perverse a.k.a. Auckland City representatives Brett & Alex.

Inspired by a range of genres from the 808’s and lean of hiphop to the twisted rhythms of hard Drum and Bass luminaries Noisia, Black Sun Empire and Spor, Perverse were drawn to production through their collective love of bass heavy music. Purveyors of intensely dark and uncompromising eyes-down beats, their sound is exemplified by a precise control over shuddering sub frequencies and a minimal sparseness of construction reminiscent of early Loefah or Kryptic Minds. Whilst their musical influences are notable, Perverse bring their own unique and refreshing take on the sound, with a repertoire of versatile riddims infused with intelligent syncopated beats and chest caving low end.

Perverse are rapidly building a prolific reputation and armed with a formidable collection of lethal dubs they have found their productions unleashed in the sets of Mala, Kryptic Minds, Youngsta, Distance, Biome, J:Kenzo, Vivek, Jack Sparrow, Seven and Icicle, delivering trademark clean bass weight, razor sharp percussion and desolate atmospherics. Heavy radio play is further testament to their current prowess, receiving airtime on internationally acclaimed stations including Youngsta, Distance, Jay 5ive and Crisis on their respective Rinse FM shows, and on scene stalwart BunZer0’s Sub.fm show which has long been a tide marker for exciting talent.

Labels have been quick to recognize Perverse’s superior sub-bass architecture with multiple releases on various labels.
This is music that has to be heard on earth moving sound systems and equipped with flawless execution behind the decks, expect to witness Alex and Brett mashing up a dance somewhere near you soon.