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    Fauji - Episode 5


    by Rajshri

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    About The Show: Fauji was a TV series following the training of an Indian Army commando regiment that aired on India's national channel DD National in 1988. With the extremely popular soap Fauji the Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan made his television debut. The soap is based on the life of an irresponsible lad who finally matures into a responsible army man in the due course of his life. Watch all the episodes of Fauji on Rajshri.

    Episode Synopsis: After narrating the incident Vikram breaks down. He feels guilty for the death of Kalyan Singh and unknowingly considers himself the cause of Kalyan Singh's death. After visiting Kalyan Singh's house Vikram finds out that Kalyan was the sole earner and backbone of the family. He died in saving Vikram's life on the war front. On the other hand Kishore tries to meet Parvati but is confronted by her father. Officer inquires Peter about the incident happened on the Saturday night. Keep watching the episodes of Fauji to know what happened next.