Stephen Colbert Destroys Lawrence Krauss

John Smith

by John Smith

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That "something" can come from "nothing" is, of course, astounding.
It´s not nearly as astounding, though, as the alternative religious theory - that there is an entity that/who consciously decided to create the Universe. If you believe in the Christian religion, at least, we seem to know quite a lot about this entity. It´s generally referred to as "he", so it has a sex. "He" has/had a son, whom he sent to an out-of-the-way place populated by uneducated peasants to "save" us. He might have sent the son to China, where the people were far more educated at the time. It´s not clear as to whether he had a son or whether he and the son are one and the same, which the wirters of the bible might reasonably have cleared up for us. We don´t know why he created the Universe or whether it has a purpose. If we do indeed go for eternity to Heaven after death, there is no information as to the purpose of that either. How do we pass our time with eternity stretching ahead?

On the whole, I find it easier to believe that "nothing" is indeed unstable.
By carob Last week
You're a fucking idiot.
By Nx October
It is not "unscientific" Nothing is not nothingness as "Nothing" is simply a minimal-physical state, namely Nothing not nothingness. Look up the history of Nothing.
By Nial Savant July
Lawrence Kraus is brilliant. His book (Something from Nothing) is amazing. Teamed with Richard Dawkins and others, they sure do show the absurdity of religion. Of course, any thinking person would come to that conclusion whether or not there were people such as Kraus or Dawkins.
By jeeper9 Last year
Yeah. You just didn't get that he was joking. *facepalm*
By Benjamin Scott-Pye Last year
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