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    How Much Gold Exists in the World

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    Exploring how much gold exists in the world.

    How much gold is there on Earth?

    Estimates about how much gold people have mined over the years vary drastically from around 155 thousand metric tons, enough to make a 67 foot cube, to 2 and a half million metric tons.

    That’s enough to make a 166 foot large cube entirely out of gold.

    Why are there such disparities in the estimates?

    Humans have mined gold for approximately 6 thousand years, but reports of how much gold has surfaced and made its way onto the market are skewed by many variables like illegal mining, and the reliability of historical precedence on the figure.

    According to estimates from the United States Geological Survey, 52 thousand tons of gold can still be mined from the ground.

    Although China is reportedly producing the most gold, America now has more gold reserves than any other country.

    According to the New American: “The last and only time that an audit was performed on the gold held in Fort Knox was issued within hours of President Dwight Eisenhower’s inauguration on January 20, 1953.”