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    Family Locked Inside of Sears Store

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    A family gets locked inside of a Sears outlet.

    Recently, in Bloomfield Township, Michigan, a store alarm translated to a cry for help.

    Police officers arrived at a Sears Outlet store to find a family locked inside. According to law enforcement, a couple was located inside of the closed department store along with their baby.

    The pair told officers that they had been shopping but when they went to depart, they were stunned to find the doors locked and no employee in sight. The couple was allowed to leave once they were interviewed by officers.

    Managers did not initially explain how the troubling incident happened, but it is currently under investigation by the police department.

    Earlier this year, a mom and her infant were locked inside of a baby store named Mothercare in the United Kingdom. While the new mommy breastfed her 10-month-old daughter in the shop’s private room, all of the lights went out.

    After 20 minutes, the staff realized their mistake and let the terrified pair out. The store issued apologies and gave the mother a shop voucher in lieu of the inciden