Bizarre Therapy Involves Lying on Train Tracks

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Indonesians lie on train tracks for medical therapy.

Some Indonesians take a radical approach to help with their ailments.

Called ‘track therapy’, residents decide to lie down across railroad tracks, believing that low-voltage electric current in the lines cure them when it passes through their bodies.

Both adults and children have taken part in the craze, lying with their heads on one side of the track and resting their feet at the other. There is no electricity in the tracks, but there is a fatal dosage of currents in the overhead lines that give power to the trains.

Due to the danger, local authorities have implemented fines and put up signs urging residents not to lie on the tracks.

In another bizarre and dangerous massage technique, some Taiwan businesses offer meat cleaver massage!. That’s right; those giant, butcher type knives are being used to strike customers!
Such massages are organized in street markets and entail a customer siting in front of a crowd while a ‘massage therapist’ hitting the scared soul with the blade end of the cleaver.