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    Shock Lingerie Can Help Women Battle Sexual Predators


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    Shock emitting lingerie may help women battle sexual predators.

    Multiple news stories have recently covered brutal rapes in India.

    Can innovative lingerie help promote safety for women in the country?

    Three automobile engineers have developed an underwear prototype they claim can help ward off sexual assaults.

    The lingerie contains a GPS for location information, as well as a GSM to communicate the information to emergency services and the victim’s family. The garments also possess pressure sensors capable of sending shock waves to the assaulter.

    A co-developer of the lingerie line states “The shocks can be emitted up to 82 times. A person trying to molest a girl will get the shock of his life the moment pressure sensors get activated, and the GPS and GSM modules would send a SMS on emergency number 100, as well as to parents of the girl.”

    The product is still in prototype mode, but thus far the idea nabbed a technology award. The designers are currently looking into an appropriate fabric so the underwear pieces can be washed.

    What do you think of the concept?