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    Heidi Klum Saves Son and Nannies From Drowning

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    by Geo Beats

    Heidi Klum saves her son and nannies from drowning.

    Already a supermodel, television producer, and Emmy nominee, Heidi Klum can now add hero to her list of accomplishments.

    On a recent family vacation in Hawaii, Klum and her boyfriend rescued her son and two nannies from drowning after they were sucked into a riptide while swimming.

    Henry, her oldest son, was able to swim back to shore. The others made it out with the help of Heidi and her significant other.

    The family was vacationing in Honolulu for the Easter Holiday. Earlier that day Klum posted a picture of brightly dyed eggs dotting the beach along with a message of Easter tidings.

    Other celebrities have also risen to the occasion and performed heroic acts.

    Following Hurricane Katrina Sean Penn went to New Orleans and pulled 40 people out of the water before his motorboat sprung a leak.

    Kate Winslet was a guest at Richard Branson’s Caribbean estate when it caught fire. She saved Branson’s 90-year-old mother from the flames by picking her up in her arms and carrying her to safety.