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    Snoop Dogg Violent Gun Music Video Ft. Drake


    by ClevverMusic

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    Snoop Lion drops an intense anti-gun music video featuring his daughter and rapper Drake! Hello guys thanks for watching ClevverMusic with your music news. Snoop Lion, formerly known as Snoop Dogg released a music video off forthcoming album "Reincarnation" and the track is a reggae beat song titled, "No Guns Allowed". The anti-gun song features Toronto rapper Drake in the song as well as Snoop's daughter Cori B., in an attempt to prevent future gun violence. Snoop looks dapper dressed in a tux in the black and white video as he sings, but the video is far from polite. President Obama starts off the video mourning shooting victims, and throughout we see interviews of witnesses, kids playing with firearms, and dozens of news reports of shootings around the world including Sandy Hook and Columbine. The disturbing video sees Cori B. and Father Snoop get emotional when they sing the chorus, "No more guns are allowed in here tonight/ We're gonna have a free for all no fight". Snoop's solo verses also make it clear his stance on gun violence, "Let the music play/ We don't want no more gunplay/ When the bodies hit the ground/ There's nothing left to say". Late in the track, Drake comes in for a rap verse and he's rapping about gun violence in his hometown of Toronto. Snoop told Piers Morgan that this song was inspired by the recent string of mass shootings in Colorado and Connecticut, "I wanted to say something and I wanted to make some music to try to help the next person who was thinking about loading a gun..."

    The Diplo produced track shows the changes Snoop Lion has made as an artist, namely making the transition from rap to reggae. The track will be on his "Reincarnation" album coming out April 23. His documentary also titled "Reincarnated" sees his transformation and is currently in theatres and available on iTunes. Check below for a link to watch the full video yourself. We want to hear from you—will this video be effective despite using violent imagery? Thanks for watching your music news update on ClevverMusic I'm Misty Kingma see you next time.