[MV] Davichi (다비치) feat. Verbal Jint (버벌진트) - Be Warmed (녹는 중) [HD 1080p]

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Davichi treats fans to an April 1st MV release for “Be Warmed” with Verbal Jint

Davichi didn’t disappoint for their long awaited comeback and dominated music charts with their 2nd full length album ‘Mystic Ballad 1990‘. As surprise treat for fans on April 1st, rater than prank everyone, the group decided to drop another MV for their song, “Be Warmed”.

Skilled rapper Verbal Jint wrote the song for Davichi, the first time he has ever written a song for another artists, and he also features in the music video.

On the song, Davichi recommended that everyone listen to the song if they are longing for Spring. After the cold and dreary winter, isn’t everyone glad for that Spring is here?

Do you prefer this MV or their title song?


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