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    "Ravenswood" Character Descriptions - "Pretty Little Liars" Spin-Off


    by ClevverTV

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    Pretty Little Liars fans -- some exciting news is here. The official character descriptions for the new spinoff series, Ravenswood, are out... and we're already wondering who will be selected to take on the ABC Family roles. As a reminder, Ravenswood is about five strangers who are suddenly connected by a fatal curse that haunts their city -- so they start doing some digging into the history of the town before it's too late. For what exactly, we don't yet know. But the first character description is for Miranda. She's a feisty, disarming and unconventionally attractive 17 year old. She's grew up as an independent foster kid with lots of confidence and wits. Then there's Abel who is described as a hottie. He's also 17 years old, very much a loner and quite intense. Already the character description says that he might have something dangerous lurking inside of him -- which makes us wonder if there will be a mystical element to Ravenswood. Apparently, just like Miranda, if you win over Abel, you've got a loyal friend who is there for you forever. Lastly, Olivia is actually Abel's twin sister. She's a former prom queen who just fell from grace -- perhaps that happened when the fatal curse hits the five people?? And maybe these three characters are part of that cursed group?? These are all just guesses right now, but we do know that Olivia is forced to start seeing the important things in life after her friends turn their back on her. Alright, so let us know which actors out there you'd like to see take on these roles. Post your thoughts below and subscribe to ClevverTV right now for all of your Ravenswood updates. I'm Dana Ward in Hollywood. Bye for now!

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