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    Alien Theory: Le Retour (1/2)

    Franck. N

    door Franck. N

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    Door Buffalo18813 jaren geleden
    WARNING! Keep reading on or die tonight at exactly 12:42. This is based on a true story! Once there was a baby named Mary. Her mother couldn't take all the crying so she decide it was time for her to go. She buried her baby alive in her back yard. After she buried her she could still hear Mary crying. So she dug her back up and stabbed her one time in he arm and buried her one time and buried her again. Mary cried harder but a few hours later it stopped. At exactly 12:42 Mary died. She bleeded to death. Now her sprit haunts the world. When ur sleeping she stabbes u in the arm and watches u bleed to death. And thats how she got the name" bloody Mary" this is the true story of her. She wants everyone to feel her pain that she felt. Apparently If u post this to 12 other comments u will have the best day of ur life tomorrow. But if u break this chain u die at exactly 12:42 tonight by bloody Mary. Don't believe me? You'll see
    Door WRPBullet3 jaren geleden
    walkerball frederic
    moi jdis kfo leur pété la gueule aux estraterrestre.....
    Door walkerball frederic3 jaren geleden