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    Man Goes on 30 Dates in One Month

    Geo Beats

    by Geo Beats

    A man goes on 30 dates in one month.

    A California man is taking part in a marathon, but not in the traditional sense.

    27-year-old Tim King is going on 30 dates over the course of 30 consecutive days.

    The photographer from San Diego is making each date unique, specifically tailored to each individual lady. On his blog, King bluntly states “I'm not looking for love - I'm not looking to get laid - but rather just share some awesome adventures with some great girls.”

    His dating journey began on March 20th and thus far, he’s gone on a shopping excursion, allowing the female, who works as a stylist to dress him up. He’s taken another lady out on a private sailing tour of San Diego bay.

    King isn’t alone on this deal. Mark Wills, the creator of an app called “ Details Matter” sets up the dates while King finds the ladies.

    The two are working together to promote the project via social media. King is stepping out of the box for his future dates. One is planned with a 63-year-old woman while another features a gay man.