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    UK Authorities Sending Flowers to Theft Victims for Cold Cases

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    UK authorities are sending flowers to theft victims for cold cases.

    Who doesn’t love getting flowers from friends and loved ones? Getting them from the local police, however, has been met with mixed responses.

    Police forces across England have started sending bouquets to burglary and mugging victims when their cases go cold. With an average case-closing success rate of 12 percent, one town has already sent 300 of them since November.

    Victim Sarah Miller received her lavish bunch within a day of having her burgled home dusted for prints. Miller said she would have preferred either a greater effort to solve the crime or a visit from victims’ services to being, “fobbed off with flowers.”

    A police spokesman said people are generally appreciative. He added, “We have found that just that simple gesture helps start up dialogue with victims and helps them begin to feel safe again, which is important.”

    In one area the flowers are donated by a wholesale florist and include a discount coupon towards a future purchase. In another the blooms are purchased from a fund set up by the officers themselves.