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    Billionaire Adding Animatronic Dinosaurs to Resort

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    by Geo Beats

    A billionaire is adding animatronic dinosaurs to his resort.

    A billionaire in Australia is decking out his resort just north of Brisbane with animatronic dinosaurs.
    Clive Palmer, who has gotten recent headlines by building a replica of the Titanic, is all set to splurge on over a hundred new robotic dinos for his Coolum resort.

    He already has a mechanical T-rex named Jeff, and a replica of a giant prehistoric Omeisaurs on the premises.

    Russell Green, a councilor for the Sunshine Coast, the location of the resort, said: “the golf course at the resort has been widely recognised as one of the top Australian and International courses and it is the home to the Australian PGA. Having these structures scattered around the place, in my opinion, detracts from the natural beauty of what is a magnificent course."

    The animatronic dinosaurs will be able to move their tails, blink, and move their chests to simulate breathing.

    Palmer has ordered the dino robots from China, and has plans to place them in the forest around the resort.