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    Sleep Positions Indicate Your Personality

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    by Geo Beats

    Sleep positions indicate your personality.

    The position that you sleep in can say a lot about your personality.

    According to a survey reported by the BBC, there are six common sleeping positions.

    41 percent of people in the study sleep in the fetal position and are said to have attributes like a tough demeanor, but sensitive on the inside.

    The log position is lying on the side of your body with both arms down.

    Subjects who sleep this way are thought to be very social, and trusting to the point of gullibility.

    Sleeping on the side of your body with both arms stretched in front is known as the yearner position.

    People who sleep like this are said to be open-minded but cynical, and stubborn about decisions they’ve made.

    The soldier position is lying face up, with both arms by your side.

    People who sleep in this position are quiet, and don’t like to make a fuss.

    The freefall position is lying on your stomach, with your head turned to the side.

    Sleepers in this position are sensitive to criticism.

    5 percent of the subjects sleep in the starfish position, on their back with arms around the pillow.

    Starfish position sleepers are said to make good friends and listeners.

    What do you think? Does the position you sleep affect your personality?