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    Shape House Video - Los Angeles, CA United States - Beauty + Spas


    by SmartShoot

    Shape House - Los Angeles, CA United StatesShape House is nothing like a traditional Sauna. It is an Urban Sweat Lodge™.

    When you arrive, you will be led into your own quiet, beautifully lit "Sweat Room" where you'll find your infrared blanket, TV, and light therapy. While you recline, you choose what you'd like to do during your 55 minute sweat... watch netflix or HuluPlus, inspirational dvd's, listen to music or a book on tape, or just meditate quietly. Within a short time your body will begin to sweat, though the heat you feel is relatively low. That is the amazing quality of infrared heat (the same heat generated by the sun).

    After your session, you may shower, rest quietly in our peaceful "relax room", have Kangen alkaline water for immediate hydration, or be served some of our specially formulated organic tea.

    Come with sweat and socks or borrow some of ours (for free). We are looking forward to helping you experience some time just for yourself.