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    Chris Brown Suggests Drake is Gay "R.I.P." Remix


    by ClevverMusic

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    The never ending feud in the Chris Brown VS Drake saga continues, and unfortunately April Fool's was yesterday so this is NOT a joke. Thanks for tuning into to ClevverMusic, for your music 411. So it turns out that Breezy takes a stab at Drizzy in Young Jeezy's "R.I.P." remix. Chris raps "Dearly departed, I bought a plane I departed/ And if you started from the bottom, go on and come out the closet." Since Drake's recent single is entitled "Started from the Bottom" it is clear he is referring to Drizzy with this lyric. In this verse Chris also suggests that Drake might be gay by rapping "go on and come out the closet." Low blow there Breezy, but he's likely retaliating after Drake insinuated a love triangle with Rihanna!

    For those of you who may not remember Drake dropped the single "5am in Toronto" as an outlash response to MTV's Hottest MC's in the Game 2013 list this February. The lyrics Drizzy rapped specifically were, "I'm just being frank with you/I mean, where you think she at when she ain't with you?" Reportedly referring to Chris' girlfriend Rihanna. The whole debacle between Breezy and Drizzy stemmed from a bar brawl last summer in NYC and they have been taking jabs at each other through lyrics ever since. It was also reported that Breezy told a crowd at his recent impromptu show in LA "F*** Drake." It seems as if these two are far from ever reconciling their differences. Chris recently told MTV's Sway, "You can't take me serious, I'm not a rapper... Rebuttals is gonna be stupid." We're not sure that just because you aren't a rapper nothing will happen to you, so we don't agree with Breezy on this one. Ironically these two will both be featured ON DIFFERENT TRACKS for Snoop Lions "Reincarnation" album, bringing them together musically. Now that Drake's up to bat, will he respond? Give us your thoughts on the never ending feud between Breezy and Drizzy. Also, check out Young Jeezy's "R.I.P" Remix, I've dropped the link below. Thank you so much for watching and don't forget to subscribe to our channel...from Hollywood, I'm Misty Kingma, until next time!