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    Vanessa Hudgens Teases New Electronic Song "$$$ex"!


    by ClevverMusic

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    It seems as if Vanessa Hudgen's can't get enough of Spring Break this year recently releasing a 30 second video clip to her new mature track "$$$ex" featuring girl group YLA! Hey guys, you're watching ClevverMusic. Vanessa Hudgens, who has recently reconnected with social media, took to her new Tumblr page to post a video teaser for her new 'Spring Breakers' inspired track collaboration with YLA AKA "Young LA". The 30 second teaser for the electronic dance song hears the lyrics chant some adult words, "Can't you feel my hot sex?"

    The video starts out with two girls wearing neon ski masks playing patty cake on the kitchen floor (sound familiar??)... then jumps to all the girls breaking out into dance, looking as if they are having the 'Spring Break' of their lives. Their outfits are comparable to those you see in the Spring Breakers movie wearing bikini tops and a mini skirt. Vanessa commented on her Tumblr, "You don't have to go to Spring Break, you can bring Spring Break to youuu! We had ours in the kitchen. LOL! Sooo much fun." It seems as if the movie also inspired a new sound for the former Disney "High School Musical" star, displaying an EDM beat similar to what we hear throughout the Skrillex produced 'Spring Breakers' soundtrack. It seems as if Vanessa's days of pop songs maybe be over, folling her most recent album "Identified" in 2008. The full "$$$ex" track is available on iTunes and Vanessa wants you to create your own 30 second video clip to her new track. She writes, "Use the song and show us where you can take spring break in 30 seconds. Have fun and get creative!" Thoughts on this grown up sound for Vanessa? And are you gonna try her challenge? Don't forget to subscribe for more music news. Thanks for tuning in, from Hollywood, I'm Misty Kingma, keep dancing!