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    How To listen In On A Cell Phone | Cell Phone Bugging And Spying

    How to listen in on a cell phone

    Bugging a cell phone isn't something you talk about every day. In fact, the professionals,
    the detectives and the police will never mention it, but it goes on around the world, and
    will continue around the clock.

    In the old days, cell phones did not exist, this no cell phone bugging was needed.
    In the older days, law enforcement had what was called wire taps, where phone recorders and
    listening devices were wired into the subjects phone wire or phone line, directly into
    the subjects home or office home, in an effort to gather incriminating evidence. The FBI
    did alot of these phone bugs to infiltrate the mafiz
    and find racketeering operations, and needed phone records to make chanrges stick.
    Now because of the illegal use of throw away cell phones, we use cell phone bugging to catch the bad guys

    And now, the latest software programs allow you to simply bug any cell phone,
    and spy on these conversations as well. By installing a cell phone buggingsoftware program on the mobile phone, you find out information about how it is being used by another person. You only need to log into the website you got the software from with your password.Some of the newer companies
    allow you to setup a monitoring account and pay by the month. Then you simply log into the main screen on your account, and see everything happening
    on the cell phone that you have bugged, or tapped into over the airwaves without the need of wires anymore.

    Finally, you can spy on mobile phones by knowing the exact location of the phone on Google Maps. This feature is useful for finding lost kids and for knowing if they are really at the place they said they would be. Once Google Latitude and maps is installed on any cell phone, the phone location or the person can be tracked on any Google map. This is ideal for watching children coming and going to school and play, but also grown ups who need to be watched.
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