Is AnastasiaDate a scam? Anastasia Prevents Scams. Stay Safe with Online Dating!

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Are online dating websites like AnastasiaDate a scam? Let’s find out how stands up for you and keeps you safe online!

Clearly the most important thing is that AnastasiaDate only let Ladies onto the site who are serious about meeting someone from abroad. This makes perfect sense, but how do they do this?

Well, they check each application personally! Every Lady who wants to join will speak to AnastasiaDate’s team in person and have a conversation with them about joining the site. Also, all the Ladies documents are checked by hand to make sure that all the details are correct, photos are up to date and the Lady really is who she says she is.

Did you know that in Ukraine and Russia marital status is printed in your passport, as well as whether you have any kids. Because AnastasiaDate checks every passport, you can be certain that the Lady’s status is represented accurately and only real Ladies are using the site. No other International dating agency comprehensively validates the identity of each and every woman on their site. Everyone else relies on local agencies to establish their ladies' identities, not Anastasia!

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??? Of course, the site is full of scams!! What do you mean 5yr? You work for them? Dude, find an honest job.

The site is crap, there are married women, women with boyfriends, and women with no interest. The site uses a model where they pay the women based on how many men they can get into chat and to write letters. Men, use your brain. 50 year old men do not get emails from ballerinas their 20s. Not in this universe. Well maybe if you are Vladimir Putin.
By David Brunner January
Anastasia support Putin aggression! As the only dating site I have found Anastasia have moved all Crimean cities from the country of Ukraine to Russia. Anyone can check this! I have sent several letters to Anastasia administration to ask why. The only answer I got is that they do not involve in the geopolitical situation. This is infact what they really have done. By doing this they agree that the Russian military invasion and occupation of Ukraine territory is right. This is against what all the western world stands for. Any one that are a friend of democracy, freedom and human rights should boycott Anastasia! Please bring this message forward!
By Flute33 November
I want to pull off her shirt!
By Naster last year
I don't think AnastasiaDate is a scam... I've read lot's of positive reviews about Anastasia and most people are satisfied with this service. Some people say that this website is full of scammers. I think that it isn't so... Every dating website have some scammers profiles, this is not the argument to stop using internet dating...
By 5yr 2 years ago