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    The New YouTube One Channel - What you need to know!


    by EssetinoConnexions

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    Alright, so I just switched over one of my YouTube Channels to the "New YouTube Channel!

    Basically, if you don't know already... YouTube has created a new look for your channel and thus "The New YouTube Channel" is born!

    To be honest, right now I'm not feelin' the new YouTube Channel design/layout. There are new features that I do like, but in terms of overall look... I still like the old style better.

    But because I'm in the game of Social Media, I've got to embrace all the new updates and changes... so I'm welcoming The New YouTube Channel design!

    (Watch Video)

    Now that you've gotten all the details, let's actually go through "The New YouTube Channel". Please watch the video below, I'll be going through the new changes.

    So what do you think? Are you in favor or the new YouTube Channel or do you like the old design better? Let me know if the comments section below.

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