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    100 Years Ago Today - April 1, 1913

    Geo Beats

    by Geo Beats

    Here are 5 news stories from around the world 100 years ago.

    What was happening in the world one hundred years ago? Hi this is Matt and here are 5 New York Times headlines from April 1st, 1913.

    Number 5. Making front-page headlines was the death of banking and business mogul JP Morgan. His significant contribution to the financial sector changed the world forever.

    Number 4. Lord Northcliffe offered 50 thousand dollars to the first person who could make a transatlantic flight in 72 consecutive hours. The prize money was awarded to two British aviators who made the flight months later.

    Number 3. Canned food was starting to be all the rage. It even had its own week of celebration. Among noteworthy participants was DelMonte.

    Number 2. The birth of a baby named James was announced. Not sounding noteworthy? Baby James was born on the Brooklyn Bridge.

    Number 1. 68 year-old millionaire married his 20 year-old maid. The wedding was a modest affair with only one invited guest in attendance. They entered the church for regular services separately but sat in the same pew. They were joined in matrimony at the end of the service.