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    Pigs That Like to Swim

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    Check out these pigs that like to swim.

    A beach in the Bahamas is known as Pig Beach because of the resident wild pigs that inhabit the beach and are known to swim with visitors.

    The Exuma Cays are a group of islands in the Bahamas, and Pig Beach is Big Major Cay’s southernmost beach.

    There are boat tours that stop by Pig Beach, and other nearby locations.

    Photographer Eric Cheng, came across the pigs during a diving expedition.

    Cheng said: “Because locals bring food, the pigs will run into the water and actually swim out to the oncoming boats... It is strange enough to see pigs laying around on tropical beaches of white sand, but to see them then charge into the water to greet oncoming boats is just bizarre."

    Another beach that has some animals living on it is in Goa, India where cows are allowed to roam the beachfront, even laying down under beachgoer’s umbrellas.

    Cows are sacred to Hindus, and so they are treated with respect and given free range of the beach in Goa.