Men Arrested for Allegedly Smoking Pot in Police Barracks Lot

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Several men are arrested for allegedly smoking pot in police barracks parking lot.

Just like in other professions - there are smart criminals and then not so bright ones.

Recently, four men were arrested in a police barracks parking lot.

The ordeal started when a state trooper in New Jersey was preparing for his overnight shift, loading up his car in the barracks’ lot. He smelt something strange in the air and decided to investigate.

Several cars away, the trooper noticed three males sitting in a parked vehicle, allegedly smoking marijuana. They were abruptly arrested and taken across the parking lot into the barracks, along with the fourth man, their friend who was trying to pick up an impounded car.

When troopers searched the vehicle, they found 14 Ecstasy tabs in additional to 15 ziplock bags of pot. All of the males were charged with narcotics possession.

Earlier this year, 57-year-old Michael Sheehan was arrested after he failed a field sobriety test which was administered right in the Barnstable police department's parking lot. It all started when Sheehan drove right past two signs that read 'Do Not Enter' and 'Police Personnel Only'.

He continued driving down the mysterious driveway which led to the rear parking area of the police department.