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    Sea Hares Have an Ingenious Way to Defend Themselves

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    Sea hares have an ingenious way to defend themselves.

    Sea hares have a unique defense mechanism.
    They secrete a combination of purple ink and white opaline.
    The ink is similar to an octopus’ ink that disorients a potential predator.
    But just how the opaline worked on predators was previously unknown until researchers from Georgia State University in Atlanta found that it might block the predators sense of smell.
    Reportedly this is the first time a study has shown not just chemical senses but also sensory systems being used as a defensive mechanism against predators.
    Doctor Charles Derby, who worked on the study said: “Sea hares have many potential predators, each with feeding habits and sensory systems... So, some chemicals may work on some predators and not on others.”

    Some other examples of unusual animal defensive tactics include the possums that play dead, exploding ants, and a frog that breaks its own legs to grow sharp claws.
    Known as the hairy frog, because of its unique ability to produce sharp claws that puncture through its own skin, in their native country of Cameroon, the frogs are commonly roasted and eaten by hunters.