World's Most Expensive Cow Sells for $170,000

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A diva cow sells for $170,000.

Beef prices are ridiculously high these days.

But who knew one single cow could sell for so much?

Recently, a cow sold for…get ready for this… $170,000 at an auction in Syracuse.

The three-year-old beautiful diva cow named Karlie pranced elegantly and purposefully for bidders.

The auction host stated “You want a cow that's skinny and kind of tall, like a model. That means her body is efficient at producing milk. It's not wasting energy on making fat stores.” He also notably boasted that her udders were “well attached” as opposed to those less-than-aesthetically appealing saggy bovines.

Karlie’s selling price broke the record for the most expensive cow sold at an auction.

Last year, a costly British bull sold for $168,000. Vexour Garth appeared at the Stirling Bull Sale in Scotland.

Beef farmers were delighted to see the 19-month-old Charolais bull. He set a record for his breed with the hefty selling price.