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    Gold Motorcycle Could Be World's Most Expensive

    Geo Beats

    by Geo Beats

    This motorcycle could be the world's most expensive.

    Motorcycles serve as the quintessential boy toy, but they definitely don’t come cheap.

    A completely one-of-a-kind bike may just be the world's most expensive motorcycle.

    Created by a well-known Turkish designer, it reportedly took over a year to manufacture. The bike is made from gold, weighs almost 700 pounds and has 125 horsepower and 6 forward gearboxes.

    The most notable aspect is the added little touch of décor featuring an image of the mythological hero, Medusa which is placed on the fuel tank and carburetor cover.

    Snake figures take up residence on the fender and chassis.

    The bike has an unmistakable rustic and rugged appearance to it. A brown solo seat with studs and fringe adds to the vintage feel.

    While no price has been made public, its designer has submitted it to Guinness World Record for the world's most expensive title. The current world’s most expensive two wheeled ride cost $185,000.

    How do you like the bike? Would you like to own one of these?