1999.09.24 - Tito Ortiz vs. Frank Shamrock

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@Lucky Schaeffer I don't know what your MMA background is but I'm gonna say, respectfully, Ortiz did NOTHING like kicking Shamrock's ass. You have to take the belt away from the champion. Ortiz did not do this - even with takedown points. As for elbows I imagine you're talking about Shamrock's single elbow at the end of the fight. I don't know why as it was the sitdown guillotine that finished Ortiz who was already sucking air bigtime. The single elbow would be illegal (under unified rules) now as it was to the back of the head but, as it was just one shot, a fighter might get away with a formal warning/deduction. Plenty of illegal moves in this fight - back of the head, grabbing the cage. A better example of a 12-6 would be the three or four that Ortiz threw in half mount earlier in the round. There is a reason that Frank then went on to train Ortiz. (and in a street fight anyone who was stupid enough to take a leg should be stepped back on and kicked in the face... hard. Even if going for the leg worked and they ended up in an ankle lock or whatever then anyone who came along could just jump on their head, go and get a stick, spank them with a Tv cord etc).
By Kabaretrealpolitik 2 weeks ago
Frank did a great job, this shows that lay and pray doesn't work against a great fighter and athlete like Frank.. Tito got tired and was cutting a ton of weight. Only fight I can think of when a guy won by tapout due to strikes.
By Jim Bob Dugger March
He kicked Franks ass for almost 4 full rounds and out of no where Frank stuns him with a big elbow (probably illegal lol) and finishes the fight. See... this is why street fights would genuinely look so different. Anytime someone shoots for a leg they should get elbowed like that on the side of the head but those elbows im sure would get called illegal now since his arm was doing the 12-6 motion.
By Lucky Schaeffer last year