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    1999.09.24 - Tito Ortiz vs. Frank Shamrock


    by Pridewillneverdie

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    Jim Bob Dugger
    Frank did a great job, this shows that lay and pray doesn't work against a great fighter and athlete like Frank.. Tito got tired and was cutting a ton of weight. Only fight I can think of when a guy won by tapout due to strikes.
    By Jim Bob DuggerLast year
    Lucky Schaeffer
    He kicked Franks ass for almost 4 full rounds and out of no where Frank stuns him with a big elbow (probably illegal lol) and finishes the fight. See... this is why street fights would genuinely look so different. Anytime someone shoots for a leg they should get elbowed like that on the side of the head but those elbows im sure would get called illegal now since his arm was doing the 12-6 motion.
    By Lucky Schaeffer2 years ago