'Fast & Furious 7' Coming Next Year?

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It's hard to believe that after ten years of intense car chases and even more intense explosions, we are looking at a part 7 of the Fast & Furious franchise, but it's happening and Vin Diesel is getting ready to start production as early as this summer. Vin Diesel took to his Facebook page to give fans the good news this weekend after he attended an early screening of the 6th installment, which is set to jump start the summer action on May 24th. And, apparently, the response from the audience was what he calls "surreal" and "powerful." He said quote "It's remarkable to think I first embodied this character in 1999... and the evolution continues. P.s. Filming begins this summer in LA, where it all started... talk about a studio in sync with the audience..." We had a feeling there would be a 7th movie, right after Fast 5 was released when there were rumors circulating that director Jeremy Lin might be shooting two back to back sequels. This was followed by Furious star, Dwayne Johnson, also mentioning that the team had created a follow up story line that was too big for just one movie. So, expecting a cliff hanger at the end of 6 is definitely something you should all expect. And if you are extra curious and don't mind a few spoilers, make sure you check out the link in the description below to get even more info on the plot to Fast 6 and now mayyybeeee Fast 7. So, how do we feel about another Fast and Furious movie? Do you see signs of Vin Diesel stopping any time soon? Make sure you send us a tweet over at ClevverMovies, or just jump start the convo down below. Thanks for watching ClevverMovies. From our studio in Hollywood, Im Erin White.