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MARINA ZETTL - 'Thin Ice' the new album by the Viennese singer Marina Zettl and guitar player Thomas Mauerhofer. For both, their music roots are in jazz but they are not stuck there. Long live the in-between! They create their own music out of elements of Jazz, Soul and also Songwriting. For people with stereotyped thinking is this often like walking on thin ice.

'Thin Ice' is a live album recorded in a studio. No, this is not a contradiction. There is more power to music when played live, full of energy, and this is exactly what this album is all about! "The famous first takes with rough edges' says Marina Zettl.In whatever form the music swings into -- somewhere between light and heavy, humorous, melancholic, the daily craziness, pop and jazz, rhythm & soul and -- oh ...stereotypes!

As already mentioned: Long live the between! 'Is it fine' the love story, that will die in the end, 'Timeless' is a beautiful example of the never ending possibilities of each individual that finally all just lead into uniformity. 'Little miss wise guy' is a song for all these know-it-alls. 'Nightsope' (with singer Nika Zach) is a philosophic song about leaving without moving away.

The story of Marina Zettl's is a story of escape. This is not as radical as it sounds. It is obvious that one does not want to collapse within routines, but does want to escape as soon as boredom takes over. That was the main motivation behind their first album 'Fikus' and is to be continued now. Accompanied again by Christian Bakanic (accordion & piano), newly accompanied by Joerg Haberl, who replaces the Human Beatbox with drums. It's time for something new! Forget about
being reasonable! Off onto thin ice!

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