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    Design Concept Envisions Semi-Invisible Structures for London Parks

    Geo Beats

    by Geo Beats

    A design team envisions semi-invisible structures for a London park.

    A design company is working to install partially invisible structures in London.

    The team, ‘Invisible Works’ has released their plans of putting a line of semi-permanent installations in one of the city’s parks.

    The project is being referred to as “Invisible Cities". The designers hope the structures will encourage people to spend more time outside, surrounded by nature. The circular shaped, tree house-like installations blend into the park’s environment, constructed by an “eco-skin and sustainably-sourced timber.

    Invisible Works wants the temporary structures to remain in the park for 10 years and then move on to installing the structures in other parts of London. They will be used as venues for live music shows, theaters presentations and multimedia productions.

    They can also house makeshift restaurants, allowing residents to enjoy parks in a non-traditional way. The project's director states “A lot of people who look at parks think they should be untouched, unspoiled places. We're really saying that people need to be able to use this space, and people are living in a technologically developed city.“

    The concept aims to change the ways humans interact with urban nature.

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