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Asaf Avidan interview (part 1)

27 dagen geleden348 views

Asaf about Growing up in Jamaica, being an outsider in Israel, making friends, starting late with music, learning to play the guitar, writing songs, studying to become an animator

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Video interview with Israeli singer-songwriter Asaf Avidan. FaceCulture spoke with Asaf about growing op in Jamaica, being an outsider, making friends, getting interested in music at late age, learning to play the guitar, becoming an animator, breaking up with his girlfriend, a new beginning, the immediacy of music, wanting to perform, writing quickly, his first song, moving on from his breakup, the Mojos, growing as a musician, sharing an adventure, going solo, being the frontman, expanding his music, One Day, Reckoning Song, the Wankelmut remix, his new album, understanding himself through music, searching for answers, the future and more! (23/03/2013)

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Asaf Avidan interview (part 1)
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