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    Senem Deniz

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    Arus Telecom Ltd. is a leading VoIP service provider CentsTransfer maintains long term relationships with PTT's, incumbents and mobile operators from all over the world. Arus Telecom Ltd. utilizes sophisticated Least Cost Routing (LCR) techniques to ensure that: customers can easily access top tier A-Z VoIP carriers for business class retail traffic customers get the most cost-effective routing of VoIP calls customers can choose A-Z VoIP routes where quality is never compromised Arus Telecom Ltd. wholesale VoIP Provider also offers the best VoIP Reseller Solutions! Recently Arus Telecom Ltd. has launched a completely unique and feature-rich private label VoIP reseller program! Our reseller program offers you the easiest way of becoming a VoIP reseller without any global investments. By becoming a part of the program you will get your own Reseller website, Billing server, SIP server, Mail server, Ticket management system, IVR and Mobile Dialer application, API SOAP etc. Arus Telecom Ltd. also provide you with billing features and a wide range of VoIP services. Arus Telecom Ltd. provide the best VoIP routes to any corner of the world. Our Wholesale VoIP Routes suit all types of customers, whether you want the highest possible VoIP quality or medium-class VoIP route, Arus Telecom Ltd. are here to help you.Arus Telecom Ltd. offers three Wholesale VoIP routes to its customers: Standard, Premium and Premium Plus.Standard Wholesale VoIP Route. Standard route is for the users who prefer least-cost VoIP solutions and medium quality. With standard route you can save your money and reach any corner of the world.Premium Wholesale VoIP Route. Premium route is for the ones who adhere to call quality as the most important. It is more expensive than the above-mentioned routing plan, however much cheaper than any Premium routes of other VoIP providers. Our Premium route ensures from 5 to 10 minute ACD.Premium Plus Wholesale VoIP Route. Premium Plus or we may call it the highest possible VoIP quality is for the most demanding customers. If you want pure quality long distance calls, you better decide on this routing plan. Premium Plus ensures up to 65% ASR. Besides, the particular VoIP routes, Arus Telecom Ltd. have other products as well. In addition Arus Telecom Ltd. offer a Mobile Dialer and a number of VoIP Reseller Solutions. Our VoIP resellers can create a private label VoIP website and provide their customers with VoIP services. It’s quick, easy and profitable. Register now and get the VoIP Reseller program without paying monthly fees!!! Arus Telecom Ltd. offers you profitable cooperation with 7 day money-back guarantee.