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    Subbu Kosuri

    by Subbu Kosuri

    Trinetram is the tale of a living dead girl, Aruna (Sindhu Menon), suffering from unrequited love. Owing to her excellent time of her death, her spirit comes to be as powerful as the Trinetram itself (unlike the poor underprivileged ghost in Raaz). With all those super-powers and with the aid of an evil magician, Aruna makes a 'dead'ly come back to reclaim her pooh-bear Vivek (Sijju) from his wife Vijaya (Raasi). From then on, the movie progresses pretty much in the same way as in Raaz, except that in this case the forces on either side are equal and much STRONGER. Finally, the good girl Vijaya gets the Vivek, and the bad girl Aruna is turned to a Rose.