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    Space Time Bande Annonce (2012)

    Jean-michel Pelet

    par Jean-michel Pelet

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    Space Time : L'ultime Odyssée est un film de science-fiction américain écrit et réalisé par William Eubank du groupe Angels and Airwaves, sorti en 2011.
    L'astronaute Lee Miller arrive à bord de la station spatiale internationale inoccupée depuis longtemps. Peu après, il perd le contact avec la Terre. Il essaye alors de s'occuper pour ne pas sombrer dans la folie au fur et a mesure que les systèmes de survie tombent en panne. Il découvre alors le journal du Captain Lee Briggs datant de la guerre de Sécession.
    Love is a 2011 science fiction drama film produced and scored by the alternative rock band Angels & Airwaves. The film is the directorial debut of filmmaker William Eubank.
    Love portrays the personal-psychological effects of isolation and loneliness when an astronaut becomes stranded in space and through this, emphasizes the importance of human connection and love. Additionally, it
    touches on the fragility of mankind's existence (explored through a dying Earth-apocalyptic doomsday scenario) inspired by the cautions of Carl Sagan in Pale Blue Dot and considers the importance of memories and stories as humanity's legacy.

    During an 1864 battle of the American Civil War, a lone Union soldier, Captain Lee Briggs (Bradley Horne), is dispatched on a mission to investigate a mysterious object reported to Union forces. 175 years later, in the year 2039, United States Astronaut Lee Miller (Gunner Wright) is sent to the International Space Station as a one-man skeleton crew to examine if it is safe for use and to perform necessary modifications after it had been abandoned two decades earlier. Shortly after arriving on board, tumultuous events break out on Earth, eventually resulting in Miller losing contact with CAPCOM and finding himself stranded in orbit alone, forced to helplessly watch events on Earth from portholes 200 miles above his home planet. Miller struggles to maintain his sanity while in isolation by interacting with Polaroid pictures of former ISS crewmembers left aboard the ship. When the station has some power glitches, Miller journeys into an unpressurised module of the space station to perform repairs and discovers the 1864 journal of Briggs. Miller reads Brigg's account of the war and becomes enthralled by the mysterious object he is searching for, not realizing he will soon become more familiar with the very same object, and not by accident.