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    Officials Hoarding Snow for Sochi Olympics

    Geo Beats

    by Geo Beats

    Officials are hoarding snow for Sochi Olympics.

    The 2014 Winter Olympics are all set to take place in Sochi, Russia, but organizers are hoarding snow just in case next year’s winter is even warmer than this year.

    Around 450 thousand cubic meters of snow is being preserved until next winter in a thermo seal to prevent melting.

    The general director of the resort that is hosting several of the winter events said:“Even locals don't remember when was the last time they had such warm days in the mountains. It's highly unlikely we'll see the same kind of weather next year, but we're storing huge amounts of snow just in case."

    The location of the alpine skiing, snowboarding and freestyle events will be held at a mountain resort near the Black Sea.

    The 2010 Winter Games in Vancouver, Canada had to find ways to cope with a lack of snow.

    Many events had to be postponed because of the poor conditions including fog, and slushy runs.

    They ended up using hay bales to build mounds for some courses, and had to fly in snow by helicopter to the snowboarding site.