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    Artist Paints Celebrity Faces on Peanuts

    Geo Beats

    by Geo Beats

    An artist paints celebrity faces on peanuts.

    Peanuts and paintings make a unique combination. An exceptional artist, Steve Casino is quite simply, a painter of nuts.

    Using whole peanuts, he paints them into well known characters, specifically celebrities. Casino describes the process stating “I spend a lot of time finding a peanut that is the right shape for the person I'm making, then I remove the nuts, glue it back together, and prepare one side for painting. After sketching the features on the peanut, I paint it with acrylics and usually add arms, hair, and props like a guitar.”

    Casino has created a James Brown inspired nut featuring the singer in a semi-split pose with legs wide open. One of the hands waves while the other rests on the ground. A beaming 100-watt smile accentuates the celebrity depicting nut.

    An Elton John peanut also made it into production. The highly acclaimed musical artist sits at a piano. While his hands seemingly master the keys, he stares outward, complete with the iconic, colored glasses.

    Casino sells his works, with a starting price of $175 per face.

    How do you like the artwork?