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    Pyramid Scheme or Legitimate Network Marketing Opportunity?

    Mark Mcdonald

    by Mark Mcdonald

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    In this video I talk about how you can tell if an opportunity is a Pyramid Scheme or Legitimate Network Marketing Opportunity. There are some basic questions you must ask yourself about the opportunity you are considering. A) Does the company sell a legitimate product or service? B) Is there actual work to be done, or are they claiming push button, sit back and collect type promises? C) Another important thing to check out is whether they have a reliable support team that is easy to contact. I give you the link above as an awesome platform for people to learn the ropes, and start earning an income online that can grow with the time and effort you put into it. This system has an excellent support team that is easily reached, and very helpful. Not only that, but by signing up with me I will be easily contacted, and give you the means to get your questions asked, pointers, and the exact methods and tricks I have learned.