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    Victoria Beckham Says "No" to Spice Girls Reunion


    by ClevverMusic

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    Victoria Beckham is gonna tell ya what she wants, what she really really wants, and it's not a Spice Girls reunion if thats what you were thinking. Hey guys, thanks for tuning back in to ClevverMusic. Im Erin White filling in for the lovely Misty Kingma.

    So, a lot of fans have been crossing their fingers for the girls of spice to reunite after their last world tour in 2007 and it looked like there might be just an itty bitty chance it could happen when the quintet came together for their rockin performance at the 2012 Summer Olympics, but this week Victoria Beckham's peps are saying no way.

    A spokesperson for Ms.Becks released a statement saying quote "Victoria has made no secret of the fact her singing days are over, with a hugely successful business and a growing family, she loved her time as a spice girl and will always wish the other girls well in whatever they choose to do.'

    Rumor has it, though, that Geri, AKA Ginger Spice, has long dreamed of a reunion and a tour in Australia, which is ironic being that it was Geri that left the group back in 1998.

    And since last years performance there has been a lot of tabloid talk that if Posh decided not to rejoin the ladies, that the remaining girls could look for her replacement in a TV style audition process. On the contrary though, a source told MailOnline that a replacement would be unlikely and that the four remaining girls would do it sans Posh. Sad Face.

    But can you guys blame Victoria for wanting to stick with her happy and busy life the way that it is? Or, do you think she should give it one last go?

    Send us a comment down below and let us know what youre thinking out there, and thanks for watching us here at ClevverMusic. Bye guys

    Hosted by: Erin White