Quadriga: Immigration Welcome to Germany?

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Will Germany soon be experiencing another influx of immigrants? More than two million people will be arriving in the coming years, according to latest figures. It's qualified people that the German government is hoping for most of all, in order to help fill the country's skilled worker shortfall.

In lite of Germany's aging population, the demand for skilled foreign workers only looks set to grow. The government and employers alike are hoping that its blue card scheme will soon show results. It was introduced last year to help attract workers from non-EU countries to take up a job in Germany. But despite that and relaxed restrictions on immigration, the OECD says relatively few people are deciding to start new lives in Germany, despite its economy weathering the financial storm of the eurozone crisis better than others.

One reason may be the notiously difficult German language, or the difficulty immigrants face in getting their qualifications recognized, or maybe even the thought of h