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    Diamond Jubilee Royal Barge Headed to Portugal

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    Diamond Jubilee Royal Barge is headed to Portugal.

    Last year, the royal barge sailed down the River Thames to celebrate the queen's Diamond Jubilee. It was the centerpiece of the impressive festivities.

    It received a major makeover for the Jubilee but was recently sold to Portugal.

    The last velvet weaving company in the UK, British Velvets, based in Burnley, was responsible for the luxury velvet designs that accentuated the interior and thrones aboard The Spirit of Chartwell.

    Following the $1.5 million makeover, The Spirit of Chartwell was slated to leave British waters after the boat’s owners struggled to land an agreement with the Port of London.

    That’s when a Portuguese company stepped in to purchase the vessel, planning to use it for tourist trips. The barge is now scheduled to leave the United Kingdom. It will sail down the Douro River in northern Portugal.

    What do you think about the royal barge's sale? Would you want to go cruising in it?