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    Cardboard Cutout Cops Curb Traffic Violators

    Geo Beats

    by Geo Beats

    Cardboard cutout cops curb traffic violators.

    Instead of paying traffic cops a hefty salary, there’s a cheaper way to get drivers to slow down.

    The city of Bangalore in India is home to serious-looking, traffic policemen who guard the road 7 days a week.

    Best of all, they carry out their duties for free because the cops are actually made from cardboard. The genius idea to use cardboard cutouts was introduced by the human traffic police in the city.

    The thought behind them is that Indian drivers will only slow down and behave when they see law enforcement officers. The hope is that most people will take a quick glance from behind the wheel and not realize the cross-armed authority is in fact, not a real person.

    The experiment has been effective thus far. One civilian was even caught trying to talk to a fake cop.

    Last year an elderly woman in China, fed up with fast driving cars through a pedestrian crossing near her home had a creative thought. She placed a scantily clad sex doll by the intersection, hoping it would catch drivers’ attention and slow them down.