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    Baby Chick Born with Four Legs

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    A baby chick is born with four legs.

    A bizarre chick was recently born in Mississippi. The Rankin County farm owner’s daughter, Annette Bragg discovered that the chick had two extra legs.

    Bragg named the four-legged chick Lucy. All of the legs are normal in size but the baby has trouble walking due to the placement of the lower extremities.

    She isn’t sure how the defect happened but claims it’s a possibility that Lucy was meant to be a twin. Although there are over 100 chickens on the farm, the family has never seen any creature hatch with an extra set of legs.

    Bragg states “I just named her because she captured my heart.” She also says the family can not afford medical attention for the chick and they would be willing to give it someone who could better take care of Lucy’s needs.

    Recently, a lamb was born in the southwest of Ghana with a rare characteristic. Two full heads stemmed from the black and white animal’s neck. The lamb was born right next to a general goods shop in a small village.