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    Bird Gets New Leg Following Golf Accident

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    A bird gets a new leg following a golf accident.

    Innovation can improve anyone's life.

    A bird in British Columbia is going to be receiving a permanent prosthetic leg after his original was shattered by a golf ball.

    The badly hurt sandhill crane was taken to a wildlife rehabilitation center following the accident. Unfortunately the veterinarian was unable to successfully conduct an operation due to the severity of the injury, so the leg had to be amputated.

    Thus far, the crane has been outfitted with a temporary limb and he will receive the permanent one when his stump is fully healed. The woman who operates the wildlife facility states “He makes a great subject to see if we can do something to help him with the ultimate goal of sending him back out onto the golf course.”

    While permanent prosthetics are not always possible, there are other solutions. In 2011, a tortoise arrived at Washington State University with a severe injury to his leg.

    Doctors at the university were forced the amputate it. The tortoise was then outfitted with a wheel in place of his leg to help him get around.